Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Klaus Tschütscher

Deputy Prime Minister
Dr. Klaus Tschütscher


As Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Klaus Tschütscher, born in 1967, is responsible for the Justice, Economy and Sports   portfolios. The objective of his work in the aforementioned portfolios is a comprehensive departmental policy which places the people in the main focus of the political action, and  thus the economic and legal entitlements are on an equitable basis with sports.

The Liechtenstein industrial location is manifold and, compared with other countries, has the advantage that Liechtenstein is a country with a high level of industrial activity as well as a strong partner in the commercial & service sector.
Liechtenstein pursues a long-term, calculable and diversifying location policy that is based on the pillars of industry/trade, financial services, general services, and agriculture/households.

In accordance with the portfolio plan, the legal areas of civil law - including personal & corporate law; criminal law; execution, estate & bankruptcy law;  procedural law; data protection; legal assistance; extradition and transit; enforcement of penal judgements and the supervision of foundations are   assigned to the Justice Department.

In addition to updating the assigned legal materials, the Justice Department is also regularly concerned with its  application, for instance in the two areas of international legal assistance and enforcement of penal judgements. The revision of the legal assistance law in 2000 has led to a reduction of the stages of appeal and thus to a more rapid     settlement of an increasing number, of foreign requests for legal assistance, which has been noted with satisfaction abroad.

Sports is an essential element for the development of individuals as well as groups, and contributes to the preservation and promotion of national health. Sports also bears an important responsibility in terms of health as well as social & socio-political responsibility for the people of a country. In view of the considerable importance of sports in Liechtenstein, the Sports Department strives to provide good general condi-tions within which sports can develop. Sports promotion areas such as top-class & competitive sports, infrastructure,  suppression of doping as well as the   promotion of mass & youth sports are current topics. In addition to the opportunities for conveying joy, striving for performance, adventure and        comradeship, the health-promoting and preventive effect of sports, among other things, are the central focus of the state promotion of sports.