Minister Rita Kieber-Beck

Rita Kieber-Beck


Foreign Affairs 
Rita Kieber-Beck, born in 1958, is responsible within the government for the portfolios Foreign Affairs, Cultural Affairs, Family & Equality of rights.

The main areas of responsibility of the Liechtenstein foreign policy lie in the preservation of the country’s independ-ence and security and in the preservation and development of its international relations. In addition to the cultivation of bilateral relations with other states, multilateral cooperation in the various organisations represents another main responsibility. Further responsibilities of the Liechtenstein foreign policy are the safeguarding of state interests, the protection of nationals as well as the  solidarity with the international        community of states. Developmental cooperation, disaster relief and aid to Eastern Europe also fall within the     portfolio from Rita Kieber-Beck.

Cultural Affairs
Contingent upon the smallness of the country of Liechtenstein, the uniqueness of its cultural policy may be described as being international, national and   regional, but also as local. Liechtenstein has never been in a self-contained cultural area. For centuries there has been a lively cultural exchange with the entire region.
As a result of the accession to various international organisations, the cultural cooperation has developed and unfurled far beyond the national borders. As a «cultural state», the Principality of Liechtenstein maintains and fosters the various areas and concerns of cultural creation. An important objective is to encourage as many people as possible to partake and participate. For the state it is a matter of course that it perceives  its politico-cultural committment and supports cultural involvement.

Family & Equality of Rights
In the Family & Equality of Rights portfolio Rita Kieber-Beck does every-thing possible to reach comprehensive equality of rights. The family is, promoted on the part of the state by means of various measures. This includes financial contributions, tax advantages, as well as support for coping with difficult life circumstances and counselling. The children and youth policy deals with youth welfare, legal protection for chil-dren and young persons as well as youth services. The Family & Equality of Rights portfolio is supported by the fulfilment and exercise of its duties by the Office for Social Welfare as well as the Equality of Rights Office. The following operations are assigned to the portfolio: Family policy and family policy measures, child & youth policy, youth clubs and associations, equal rights policy and the         promotion of the equality of man and women.