Minister Hugo Quaderer

Hugo Quaderer


Hugo Quaderer, born in 1965, has been a member of the collegiate government as it exists in Liechtenstein since 21 April 2005. The Education, Social Welfare as well as Environment, Land Use Planning, Agriculture & Forestry port-folios come under his purview. The    education of the population is our only raw material - a statement often heard in Liechtenstein. For the responsible Minister and his team this means to keep the educational system up to date in cooperation with the responsible    offices in line with the corresponding social realities and to change the system if necessary.
The major objectives of the Education portfolio include the promotion of various learning fields, the adaptation of educational modules and the coopera-tion with the educational institutions as well as the alignment of the scholarship law.

Social Affairs
Living responsibility: This is a requirement that is placed on every single individual, but which also applies to the work of the government. In the further development of the Liechtenstein social system the government is directed towards a goal-oriented system geared to the needs. The work of volunteers wins special recognition in the social policy.

The Liechtenstein system of social security (social insurance) encompasses two types of benefits. On the one hand, the benefits accrued through insurance contributions, and on the other hand benefits which are financed by the state from general tax proceeds, such as      supplementary benefits to old-age    insurance/disability insurance, com-pensation for the helpless and so forth. The Office for Social Services comes under the Social Affairs portfolio. The office ensures the psychosocial provision of the country’s population.

Environment, Land Use Planning, Agriculture & Forestry
Maintaining the living space in which we live for coming generations and nevertheless working with it to find a livelihood in forestry and in farming is the great challenge in the realm of the environment, land use planning, agriculture and forestry.

The core of the state action in these areas consists of coordinating the different interests and preserving the natural diversity of plants, animals, habitats and genes in a symbiosis of utilisation and protection. These efforts are accompanied by considerable information and public relations work. Due to the cross-border character of many topics and projects, Liechtenstein is integrated into the supra-regional and international cooperation in many different ways.