Prime Minister Otmar Hasler

Prime Minister
Otmar Hasler


Prime Minister Otmar Hasler is responsible within the collegial government for the operations of the presidential office. In accordance with the government programme, the following points comprise the objectives of the portfolio:
• Shaping and guiding the development 
   of the country in a sustainable manner
• Promoting transparency and trust
   in the state institutions
• Preserving the democratic content
   of the constitution
• Ensuring a publicly accessible
   and results-oriented management
   of the administration
The following offices support the Prime Minister in his presidential function:
• Office for Personnel and Organisation
• Press and Information Office
• Aliens Department
   and Passport Office
• Government Chancellery
• Staff Office for Communications
   and Public Affairs
• Staff Office for EEA
• Staff Protocol Office
• Public Prosecutor’s Office

Prime Minister Otmar Hasler, born in 1953, has been the Head of Government since 2001 and in his second government term manages the Presidium, Finances and Construction Departments. In accordance with the government    programme, the objectives of the Finances Department are:
• Strongly positioning the financial cen-
   tre and combating the abuse of the 
   financial centre for criminal purposes
• Creating future resources in order
   to build potentials for the future
• Keeping the state finances healthy 
• Distributing the tax and fee burden
   in an equitable manner
The following offices are active on behalf of the Finances Department:
• Tax Administration
• Office for Financial Services
• Staff Office for Due Diligence
• Staff Office for Financial
   Intelligence Unit
• Staff Office for Finances
• Budgetary Control
• National Treasury 
• Housing Office

The Construction Department is assigned the duty within the government to ensure that necessary state infrastructures are established. The civil engineer-ing section is concerned with national roads, and the structural engineering section is concerned with administrative buildings. The construction projects and the planning status in the realm of road construction can be gathered from the annual road construction programme. The planning status as well as the      construction projects in the realm of structural engineering can be gathered from the annual building construction report. The acquisition of land which is necessary for the preparation of these infrastructures also falls within the     purview of «construction». Construction projects from the municipalities, but also partially from private associations, are supported by means of state subsidies. The Construction Department is sup-ported in the fulfilment of its duties by the Civil Engineering Office, the Structural Engineering Office and the Building Administration.